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Booking for MTAQ events on-line???

Posted: 11-Jun-2011 11:48

A big thank you all for booking recent events on line.  I’m sure that in the future, event coordinators will benefit from all our teething problems.  Here are some friendly reminders that you like me have had to learn.  IF YOU WANT THE FINANCIAL MEMBERS DISCOUNTS - Log in as a member


Members Vote 100% YES to change boat regos from commercial to recreational

Posted: 10-Jun-2011 14:41

Thanks to the great response.  The vote went as follows:59 Yes0 NoMTAQ RESOLUTION VOTE 2011 THAT MTAQ members ask the Director General of Education to write to the General Manager of Maritime Safety Queensland, advising that with the development of the new


Marine Studies Definition

Posted: 10-Jun-2011 10:00

What is Marine Studies?The focus of marine studies is the cultural, commercial,environmental and recreational aspects of the sea and how it ismanaged. In this book ‘the sea’ includes all oceans, estuariesand river catchments that lead to the sea.


Breaking news

Posted: 5-Jun-2011 20:23

Breaking news1. YACHTING QUEENSLAND GETS BTO ACCREDITATION FOR THREE YEARS.Just had a call from Josh Belsham who informed us that QY has its Boatsafe BTO status for three years, making the YQ Boatsafe Workbook pages fully approved for use.  2. MSQ REDUCES TIME TO KEEP BOATSAFE PAPERWORKMSQ


Executive to replace staffed office after 30 June

Posted: 11-May-2011 19:59

Our new postal address isPO Box 535Coolangatta 4225New fax number07 5532 4721New new bank is SuncorpBSB: 484 799Acc: 451 063 090New point of contactWard NicholasRegional Manager ScienceDepartment of Education, Training and the ArtsNorth Queensland RegionPO Box 5179 Townsville Queensland 4810Work Ph 07 47263141 Fax 07 47263100Mobile Ph 0457 506


Education Qld wants MTAQ to get CARA's right

Posted: 10-May-2011 19:13

Following many meetings and phone calls now, the fishing, boating and snorkelling CARAs need upgrading.  Education Queensland has asked us to edit them so they make sense to Marine Teachers and actually drive the subject in the right direction.So attached below are the changes Ward Nicholas, Bob Moffatt and Roger


MTAQ to VOTE ON Boat Rego Change to a Simpler, Safer, Better System

Posted: 9-May-2011 07:23

Present situationThe present system of teaching boating in schools requiresthree different classes of registration (C,D and E), three different types of licences <20hp, >20 but <50hp and >50hp, and equipped with safety equipment from TWO different types of legislation, where one (Qld)  can override the other (National).Desired situationWhere

New Marine Centre at Clontarf Beach SHS Opens

Posted: 18-Apr-2011 00:00

"Prime Minister Julia Gillard was suitably impressed when she was given a guided tour of the facility..."The Clontarf Beach SHS Science & Marine EcoCentre has been operational since the start of 2011. Funded by the Federal Government’s Building and Education Revolution scheme: this one of a kind building is truly revolutionary! Prime


Boat regos fail to mention Section 16 TOMSR (Page 27)

Posted: 31-Mar-2011 11:46

MTAQ met with the Manager of Marine Safety Queensland Werner Bundschuh last week over our concerns that the new boat registrations issued to schools are hard to work out.They seem to miss the Section 16 TOMSR (Page 27) exemptions where vessels used as training ships i.e. the mother ship


Executive Minutes this year

Posted: 31-Mar-2011 11:09

The minutes of the recent Executive Meetings Sunday 20th March May 8th are now posted in the members area in the business documents (under minutes). Thanks to Adam Richmond who showcased his new Marine Science Centre at Clontarf Beach in March


Boyne Island EEC Safety Boat and Snorkelling Courses

Posted: 31-Mar-2011 11:02

MTAQ long term Member David Kopelke is organising the Yachting Australia Safety Boat course required if you drive a boat less than 4.5 m over 20hp but under 50 hp (MSQ Exemption for School Teachers Feb 2010 MIB) Safety Boat Rescue - TrainingBoyne Island EEC - Saturday, 2nd April. Nudgee

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