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CME syllabus earns us $82.36 in Royalties

Posted: 9-Mar-2011 12:16

Last year I joined CAL for MTAQ, basically so we could earn some money from schools who copy our publications.  Well one of our schools has declared they printed out some pages from our CME syllabus and hence, Ed Queensland has paid us (through CAL)  This DID NOT cost the school anything


AUSMEPA Summer 2010-11 Bulletin

Posted: 5-Mar-2011 13:37

In this issue Student Leadership for Coastal Conservation Projects   New AUSMEPA units to be launched  MEDIA RELEASE RHONNDA ALEXANDER MEMORIAL MARINE EDUCATION GRANT  NEW AUSMEPA CHAIR  OCEAN WHISPER  MORE FOR TEACHERSgo to


Tassie Conference papers now available in members area

Posted: 3-Mar-2011 20:07

New conference ppt documents in the members areaIf you look in the left hand column and under conference presentations you will find:2010 Applying Maths in Marine Engineering AFrom the AMC conference - How to maths to marine engineering situtations - Boat Design2010 Applying Maths in Marine Engineering BFrom the


Yachting Qld to audit boating schools

Posted: 3-Mar-2011 12:41

YQ May Central Qld Visits Hi Bob, As discussed, myself and Ben Callard are arranging a trip to North Queensland early in May and I thought it may be of benefit to both of our organisations if it is advertised through your MTAQ newsletter. The dates and rough times are as



Posted: 16-Feb-2011 06:55

Now that many of you are reading the new CARAS for the first time, and have not followed the sagas from 2010 re boating, some of you may be feeling this is  ALL GETTING TOO HARD.If you have freaked out at looking at the Fishing and

TRAINING WEEKEND Snorkelling/Boating July 2011

Posted: 15-Feb-2011 20:32

MTAQ Snorkelling and Powerboating Training  Organised


MTAQ Schools Coxswains set to expire

Posted: 14-Feb-2011 10:14

MSQ has written to use advising they are considering terminating the schools coxswains agreement in July this year.We have written back asking for a meeting and a dely in cessation till December.Members can view the letter and our reply in the correspondence section of the members area, under business


Exam CDs back from the printers

Posted: 14-Feb-2011 10:08

Exam CDs back from the printersJust to let you all know the 2003 - 2006 CDS are back from the printers and ready for distribution next week to schools that are financial.  Once again thanks to those members from 2003- 2006 who donated their exams.


NON COMPLIANCE - Snorkelling CARA statement

Posted: 11-Feb-2011 11:18

The CARA document seems to not comply with the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2005 and Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 2008 and its subsequent 2010 Snorkelling Code of PracticeYou can read it at check out the legislation there is no mention of a snorkelling supervisor,


RPL Checklist: Instruct Snorkelling Skills (Open Water Snorkelling)

Posted: 10-Feb-2011 19:42

SISOSNK403A* Instruct Snorkelling Skills (available Mid April)RPL Checklist: Instruct Snorkelling Skills (Open Water Snorkelling) This RPL process involves initial training followed by mentored experience and a safety management plan for the site school students will snorkelling.Section 1 Snorkelling Instruction Experience Log The applicant lists the when, what and location of the training environment,

January Email Stats

Posted: 8-Feb-2011 09:21

Email stats just in shows almost a third of our members are reading the E news.  Much better than last year because when we started, just 12% read the news on line.  Since June its been on a slow but steady increase.  December news was 24% and now we are

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