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January Email Stats

Posted: 8-Feb-2011 09:21

Email stats just in shows almost a third of our members are reading the E news.  Much better than last year because when we started, just 12% read the news on line.  Since June its been on a slow but steady increase.  December news was 24% and now we are


Fishing and the CARA documents

Posted: 6-Feb-2011 21:33

Fishing and the CARA documentsGuess we should all just fish from the shore!! I need someone to source the training courses and run one before the end of the year.  I would really like the person/s who wrote this CARA to run the course.   Had a read of one of


4000 tide books from 2010 to give away

Posted: 2-Feb-2011 08:17

Could those who want last years tide books please email  BobHow many?Which school?Contact person?Distribution via Branch reps in March car boot distribution branch function.To date I haveSouthern Cross120 books                                            


Seaweek 2011 - "Spotlight on Marine Science" 
Sunday March 6th – 13th 2011

Posted: 2-Feb-2011 07:17

Seaweek 2011 - "Spotlight on Marine Science" 
Sunday March 6th – 13th 2011We are currently planning for an exciting and innovative “Seaweek” for the Year 2011. The theme is “Spotlight on Marine Science”. This theme profiles marine science endeavours exploring the earth’s least understood habitat, the marine environments of the world. The theme


Lifejackets and personal flotation devices, Marine Information Bulletin 1 February 2011

Posted: 1-Feb-2011 19:33

Lifejackets and personal flotation devices, Marine Information Bulletin 1 February 2011Issued 12 March 2007, last reviewed 1 February 2011The purpose of this Marine Information Bulletin is to promote the use of lifejackets and personal flotation devices (PFD) along with answering questions concerning standards, servicing and compliance relating to their use by the marine industry and members


Digital coral reef conservation experience for Middle and Upper School Marine Science

Posted: 1-Feb-2011 07:13

Conservation Connection engages middle and high school students from across the country in the stewardship of both Fijian coral reefs and local ecosystems through direct involvement in the scientific process.  High school teens from Fiji and Chicago’s west side will form the core of this program and act as peer mentors

Tassie Conference report

Posted: 27-Jan-2011 13:12

There was much anticipation leading up to the first ever MTAQ Conference On Tour, which was held at the Australian Maritime College located in Launceston, Tasmania.  Everyone arrived at various times throughout the first day of the conference and found their way to the AMC Campus at Newnham. We had

Welcome back

Posted: 24-Jan-2011 20:28

Welcome back and happy new year from all of the new executive, branch reps and school reps.By now all school reps should have an invoice and I'm pleased to say that the new credit card system is working well.  Please let us know if

Tallebudgerra Beach School Boating Induction Day

Posted: 22-Jan-2011 05:57

On Friday 21 January I was invited to assist in the Tallebudgerra Beach School Boating Induction Day using many of the elements of our new School Safety Management System.  I know that a few of you all have started so I thought I'd share what we

Old newsletters project

Posted: 16-Jan-2011 08:25

Its important that we record our history so the long task of scanning the old newsletters is underway.To date the first three have been uploaded to the members area... Including No 1.Where are they? Go to the members area and look at the navigation bar on the

New SMS Now Available

Posted: 9-Jan-2011 10:05

Financial members can now download the School Safety Management System (SMS) from the members area. This document allows teachers to cut and paste from a word document to recreate their own school safety management system for class 2 E boats.By

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