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Joline Lalime


Craig Reid
Meridan State College
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April E News

Posted: 11-May-2010 00:00

Welcome to April E News   Public liability Insurance Our new policy will insure us for branch meetings and conference. We have no public liability insurance for Marine Safety Days so it is important for teachers to make sure these days are

March E News

Posted: 19-Apr-2010 13:31

Welcome to the March 2010 News             1. The Importance of Marine Education in Australia QSA Conference PresentationWard is presenting our paper written by himself, Bob and Kelly G. If


Tassie Conference Update

Posted: 23-Mar-2010 12:03

To download the latest conference information, click on the link below. Note the dates are: Monday 6th - Friday 10th December 2010


February E News

Posted: 13-Mar-2010 00:00

From the PresidentWelcome to the year, almost the end of term 1 already. Is it me or are the years going faster? The plans for the 2010 MTAQ Conference On Tour are well and truly underway with the program and costing


January E news

Posted: 8-Feb-2010 00:00

January e news Dear Members  Welcome back to 2010 with some really great news that MSQ has got rid of commerical qualifications for us (see file called Commercial Qualifications Exemption at end of this news). CORRECTIONDue to a mix up in the communication between myself and Cassie Bryant, the free climate change book offer is


Marine Education Officer

Posted: 2-Dec-2009 15:03

Marine Education Officer Ocean Life Education provides fun environmental education programs designed to inspire students of all ages to appreciate and take responsibility for the marine ecosystem. Our educators arrive with fascinating live marine animals, artefacts, games and information, blending ‘hands on’ interaction with science and humour. We are seeking an entertaining Marine


November/December News

Posted: 30-Nov-2009 09:18

Please find attached below a copy of our November/December News. It contains news on the following topics 1. ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING SUMMARY - Role of Education Queensland - What we are doing with the National Curriculum - Our reaccreditation of our Junior Syllabus  - Review of Science Safety Modules for Terri Burnett  - Role with


International Ocean Literacy Quiz

Posted: 24-Nov-2009 10:48

Ocean Literacy Quiz The Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums is an international association representing marine life parks, aquariums, zoos, research facilities, and professional organizations dedicated to the highest standards of care for marine mammals and to their conservation in the wild through public education, scientific study, and wildlife presentations. Our


Funding Opportunities

Posted: 12-Nov-2009 10:52

Here is information on a new funding opportunity through the Department of Environment and Resource Management.Natural Resources Awareness GrantsGrants of up to $5000 (excluding GST) are available to community natural resources management groups for the development of small projects that promote the importance of natural resources. Grants of up to $10,000


Marine Teachers position at Tagai College

Posted: 29-Oct-2009 10:35

We wish to advertise a Marine Teachers position through the MTAQ at Tagai College for 2010. It is a great opportunity to work with a range of Marine Agencies (Showcase award for Partnerships in Marine 2008) and includes excellent professional development opportunities. Tagai has incredible Marine resources with the reef within

Dolphin Rescue

Posted: 18-Oct-2009 13:38

Kelly Goodingham, MTAQ Secretary and Editor, was recently on Stradbroke Island helping a friend from university out with her research into the levels of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in humpback whales. On one of the days they were brought a stranded dolphin and had to nurse it back to health in

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