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Conference 2007 is going ahead! Don't forget to register.

Posted: 9-Aug-2007 14:10

It will be great to see everyone again especially our colleagues in the northern parts of our state. We have a few exciting activities planned, handy gifts and some very professional guest speakers enlisted to inspire and educate. Don't forget if you are a member to register through the members area


Pre-Conference Dive

Posted: 3-Aug-2007 18:17

If you are interested in diving the Yongala before the conference begins contact Craig Reid for the details at This is one of those dives you love to talk about so see you there!


Offshore Islands are not sheltered waters

Posted: 9-Jul-2007 11:47

Recently a school employee has applied for a school restricted coxswains for Heron Island.MSQ has asked me to clarify for harbour masters the areas teachers with our new schools coxswains can operate.Our agreement (and you can download this from the MTAQ web site publications section), says that teachers can operate commercial



Posted: 3-Apr-2007 13:09

Important information for the Marine Industry and the Boating Public.Marine Information Bulletins are distributed by Maritime SafetyQueensland to alert people to important issues in the marine industry.As part of our continuous improvement process we are widening the group to which we send notification about the publication of a new Marine Information


Heron - Reply from Ove Hoegh-Guldberg

Posted: 2-Apr-2007 17:15

Thanks, Sheree. It is important for the staff and researchers to hear the widespread support and sympathy. We won't be out of commission for long - the good news is that we are actively planning the reconstruction already. And it will be great to gain insight into how to


Heron - Reply from Justin Marshall

Posted: 2-Apr-2007 16:20

Thanks Sheree! Very good to have the support of the wider marine community! Now - I'm not calling you wide there you understand! This will help Ove and others in the rebuild. It was a BIG loss to all here at UQ but especially to Ove and Dave and CMSers


Heron - Our Deepest Sympathies

Posted: 2-Apr-2007 11:06

Hello Justin and staff at Heron,On behalf of the Marine Teachers Association of Queensland, I would like to offer you our deepest sympathies for the tragic event at Heron Island last week.Some of our fondest memories are of the many times spent within those facilities and the comradeship we have had


Review of the Syllabuses for the Senior Phase of Learning - Focus Group Meetings

Posted: 21-Mar-2007 13:45

To Vocational education and Training Network (VETnetwork Australia) )Marine Teachers' Association of QueenslandReview of the Syllabuses for the Senior Phase of Learning NOTICE OF FOCUS GROUP MEETINGSSince 2005, the Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) has conducted extensive consultation on the future direction of the syllabuses for the Senior Phase


Probe to explore deepest known sinkhole

Posted: 18-Mar-2007 22:34

March 8, 2007Courtesy University of Texas at Austin and World Science Sci­en­tists are re­turn­ing to the world’s deep­est known wa­ter-filled sink­hole, to re­sume tests of a NASA-funded ro­botsub­ma­rine. The de­vice is de­signed to seek out life in one of the most ex­treme re­gions of our plan­et, and pos­si­bly on oth­er worlds.A



Posted: 2-Mar-2007 14:39

As chair of a Marine Studies panel I was wondering if QSA could shed some light on the statements in the Courier Mail earlier this week made by the QSA with regard the decrease in subject options for senior students and that Marine Studies would be subsumed by a general senior


National Seaweek 4 -10 March 2007

Posted: 2-Mar-2007 09:05

The topic for National Seaweek 2007 4 -10 March is "marine bycatch matters" The objectives of this year's Seaweek are to:1. Increase awareness of bycatch issues and steps taken by Australian fisheries to minimise and manage bycatch; 2. Showcase innovative technologies used by fishers to

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