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Lady Elliot Update - 28 August

Posted: 2-Sep-2006 18:48

Hello Everyone, I visited Lady EIliot (LEI) on August 27th and here is the latest - 1 Any scuba divers must bring Dive Card, if you have not dived in 12 months you must do free pool refresher course on Wednesday in pool at 1pm - Cost

Lady Elliot Island MTAQ 2006 Conference

Posted: 1-Sep-2006 11:16

An example of the type of accomodation options available. Then photo below is of a 4 person "eco tent"- all bedding supplied, no need for sleeping bag.For more information please contact Simone Baker Publicity Officer MTAQ.

New Zealand Educator Heads to Aussie Schools

Posted: 28-Aug-2006 12:13

Peter Fergusson from the Bay of Plenty NZ, visited a variety of schools in NSW and QLD who offer Marine Studies.2006 his school are offering a year 13 Marine studies course in association with Bay of Plenty Polytechnic and Peter is keen to develop an inter school relationship with a


2007 Fish Calandar

Posted: 24-Aug-2006 11:35

The Fantastic Fish calendar 2006 was a hugesuccess and the new one for 2007 is even morefantastic and contains great illustrations ofcommon species such as emperor, shark, marlinand tuna, key dates, biological information,best fishing days (based on barometricpressure), hotspots, holidays andmuch more – including recipesand web addresses.It is available from Dymocks

New Coxswains Agreement with MSQ signed. Proposed implementation date September 4 2006.

Posted: 29-Jul-2006 00:00

A new restriction to a coxswains licence for school employees was signed off last Friday 28th July 2006 between the Marine Teachers Association of Queensland and Marine Safety Queensland. It is hoped to have the scheme ready for September 4th 2006 when an information kit will be emailed to members and


International Display of Marine Environmental Paintings - Competition

Posted: 28-Jul-2006 13:23

Have your students painting on display in London! To bring awareness to the international shipping community of the recent launch of INTERMEPA, the four founding MEPAS from Australia, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey have each been invited to submit 6 paintings to be displayed at the International Maritime Organization during the meeting


Fossil may lie near root of fish, land animal lineages

Posted: 9-May-2006 18:09

A newly discovered fish species that lived more than 400 million years ago may represent a bridge between modern fish and land animals, scientists say. Found in Yunnan, China, the creature combines features of ray-finned bony fishes, which include the majority of modern fish species, and lobe-finned bony fishes, the group


Dolphins Study

Posted: 9-May-2006 18:01

Some dolphin whistles appear to convey the caller’s individual “name” information, researchers report in a new study. The scientists found that these whistles are recognizable to other dolphins even when the caller’s voice features are electronically removed.As infants, biologists believe, bottlenose dolphins develop individual “signature whistles” used throughout their lifetimes. Group


Is A Return to Whaling in Sight?

Posted: 7-May-2006 12:39

What is the IWC and what does it do? The IWC is the worldwide regulatory body for whaling. It was set up after World War II to regulate the whale hunting industry. In 1982, with many whale populations close to extinction, it agreed to implement a ban, "the moratorium" on commercial


** Into thin air **

Posted: 4-May-2006 12:34

The southern hemisphere's ozone 'hole' grows to its largest each September, as the sun's rays once more reach the Antarctic Circle. The depletion in 2005 looks set to lie outside a recent slightly improving trend.For more details view the following website.


Queensland School wins Australian Clean Beach Challenge Award

Posted: 4-May-2006 12:04

Marine Studies classes at Southern Cross Catholic College, Scarborough have been using their local beach, Queens Beach, Scarborough as a coastal classroom for snorkelling, boating, kayaking, marine biology, water quality testing, sediment movement and coastal engineering. While undergoing these field studies the students also take the time to look after

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