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Queensland School wins Australian Clean Beach Challenge Award

Posted: 4-May-2006 12:04

Marine Studies classes at Southern Cross Catholic College, Scarborough have been using their local beach, Queens Beach, Scarborough as a coastal classroom for snorkelling, boating, kayaking, marine biology, water quality testing, sediment movement and coastal engineering. While undergoing these field studies the students also take the time to look after


Frigid lakes not the “life labs” they were thought to be?

Posted: 25-Apr-2006 15:16

For years, scientists have been fascinated by the idea that bizarre life forms might dwell in lakes that are locked beneath Antarctic ice, cut off from the outside world. Much soul-searching has surrounded the question of whether researchers should drill deep down to explore the lakes, and risk contaminating their pristine


Crying” walrus pups may be orphaned thanks to global warming

Posted: 21-Apr-2006 15:06

Melting Arctic Ocean ice may be leaving walrus pups stranded, according to researchers.A walrus pup alone in the Arctic Ocean, one of nine calves seen swimming far from shore and presumed to have died. (Photo by Carin Ashjian, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) “We were on a station for 24 hours, and

Mackay Branch Reef Trip

Posted: 31-Mar-2006 10:33

Previously most schools from Mackay have had to make the journey to Airlie Beach for their students to experience the reef for their snorkelling units. A new provider has recently begun operations from the Mackay Marina – Mackay Island and Reef Cruises. At 8am one recent Saturday morning a dozen Mackay


Reef Goddess Mackay

Posted: 27-Feb-2006 12:25

Mackay schools have a new provider "Reef Goddess" working out of the Mackay marina. Mackay MTAQ branch members and immediate family have been offered a $50 per person cruise, for a day trip to Scawfell I (usual adult fare $99)Including: 8.30am dep , 4.00 pm return from the marina

New Boatsafe Workbook

Posted: 13-Jan-2006 08:42

Hot off the press and still $8 in class sets is Graham Rogers and Bob Moffatts 2nd Edition of Powerboating.Full details at Studies Teachers registered with Yachting Queensland now have a choice of either (a) using existing documentation posted last year in the white folder with the OLD Wet Paper


Online Guide to Ocean Friendly Seafood,

Posted: 13-Nov-2005 13:56

Here's a new idea for getting your students involved in learning and communicating about the ocean by combining science, art, and literature.The Blue Ocean Institute also has an Online Guide to Ocean Friendly Seafood.The Sea Stories Project, an international initiative of the Blue Ocean Institute, is soliciting first-person writing about the


Latest Humpback Whale poster

Posted: 10-Nov-2005 13:20

 The environmental education and photographic business, ‘Natures Mark’, has launched a stunning new whale poster showcasing the five most spectacular behaviours of the humpback whale.·        blowing·        pec slapping·        spy hopping·        tail slapping·        breachingThe poster’s features are:·        Dramatic high quality colour photographs of the East Australian annual whale migration·        Actual size 420mm


Plankton Website

Posted: 10-Nov-2005 12:37

Below is a list of various websites for Plankton lessons. Simon Upchurch from Port Education Programs CoordinatorPort of Melbourne Corporation. the bottom of the page are links for creating your own planktonic organisms and also matching larvae to adults.Jonathan Pugh Science/Outdoor Education at Oxford Falls Grammar School:"the best I have found


CoralWatch Workshop 2006

Posted: 8-Nov-2005 13:44

Dear Marine EducatorsWe are calling for expressions of interest to attend a CoralWatch workshop designed to show educators how they use a simple coral monitoring technique both in the classroom and field. The proposed third annual workshop would be held at Heron Island Research Station, Queensland, Australia from Wednesday 4 to


Posted: 6-Oct-2005 17:06

BRISBANE NORTH MAST DAYMORETON BAY BOAT CLUBSCARBOROUGH HARBOUR Brisbane North held one of its dual MAST days early in Term 4. This MAST day was used as a leadership assessment day for all 106 year 11 students at Southern Cross Catholic College, Scarborough. The students spent the morning rotating through a

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