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About The MTAQ curriculum exchange

The MTAQ curriculum exchange aims to be a respectful repository where syllabus documents relating to Marine Science and Aquatic Practices can be uploaded and downloaded by MTAQ members. MTAQ makes no claim to vet teaching and learning material, but does proudly provide a space where teachers can access materials. There is an implicit Code of Conduct that have the main points:

  • Science is a collaborative discipline and marine science is one of the most collaborative of the sciences – MTAQ members should be encouraged to model such collaboration and share resources.
  • MTAQ members who upload material should feel comfortable that their resources are being respected and not being judged.
  • Members who download resources need to recognise the work of their colleagues when appropriate.
  • Members who upload resources need to ensure they appropriately file and name their resource.
  • Members will upload resources only once they have received approval from their Principal or equivalent.
  • Identifying school logos should be removed where possible.

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