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Who are We and What do We do?

  • MTAQ is a group of over 400 members who have established a long-term commitment to:
    • fostering curiosity, imagination, knowledge and enthusiasm for 'real world' science through the provision of education in Marine and Aquatic skills and knowledge at the Primary, Middle and Secondary school levels.
    • establishing community and government partnership projects to enhance these phases of learning.
  • The end result of these partnerships is an impressive list of Publications, Professional Development Programs, Agreements, Certificates, Memorandums of Understanding, Marine and Aquatic curriculum exchange, Workshops, and Conferences.
  • In 2004, Minister of Education Anna Bligh awarded MTAQ members major awards for syllabus development.
  • In 2010, Minister for Education and Training Mr Geoff Wilson awarded our Association the prestigious Doherty Award for fostering community and government partnerships.