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Geraldine Fauville: International Ocean Literacy Survey

11 February 19

Some background: This unfunded project started 3 years ago when the need to measure progress in the development of Ocean Literacy in our respective countries was raised by the Ocean Literacy community.  The recently published results from Version 2 of the International Ocean Literacy Survey (IOLS) helped create Version 3 that was submitted for review to IOLS Advisory Board consisting of international marine researchers, communicators, teachers, and psychometricians. Their feedback lead to Version 4 that has now been translated into 12 languages and is ready to be distributed and tested.

Here is what you can do: If you have access to any students ages 15-17, please ask them to complete the survey online. Information letters for both parents and students, and a script to read to students before they take the survey can be found at instructions.   At least 200 respondents is needed in each language to be able to thoroughly analyze the data.

What happens with the data? Data from this field test will be analyzed centrally at Lawrence Hall of Science. Findings are given back to the community as soon as the analyses are complete. Testing the survey will continue until  a truly valid and reliable, open-source, comprehensive International Ocean Literacy Survey can be freely used by educators around the world.