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Underwater drone for Marine Education

27 November 17

The BlueROV2 is a high-powered, easy-to-operate, low-cost vehicle.  It is one-of-a-kind because it is sold as a kit and because it is easily expandable to suit various commercial applications.  The BlueROV2 is controlled from the surface via a tether using an Xbox-style controller and laptop, uses open-source software for the on-board and laptop interface applications and is compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems.  An on-board camera sends a live (recordable) high-definition video stream to the surface for piloting and observation.  We believe this unique machine would be of great interest to your members because it:

Allows students the unique opportunity of hands-on experience building sophisticated electronics to control an underwater drone
Encourages students in different fields of study to work together on a sophisticated project to build and operate a high-tech underwater vehicle
Increases students exposure to widely-used technology to better prepare them for future employment opportunities

ROVs are using cutting-edge robotics technology that is getting smaller and faster, causing rapid industry growth outside of traditional mining and construction applications.  These changes are expected to result in short-term job shortages in areas like marine biology research, underwater search and rescue, eco-tourism, commercial diving, and water management.  The BlueROV2 is exciting to both teachers and students, increasing students' desire to keep learning, while encouraging them towards areas for further study and future employment. 

For more information, we invite you to visit our website link to download our education flyer with photos and a few video links: We would also be very happy to organise a call to discuss in more detail, if that would be of interest.